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Purchase Power Agreements (PPA)


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What Is Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)?

A power purchase agreement or known short as PPA is a very commonly popular method that is effective for businesses who are looking to go solar without the need for capital expenditure. We help businesses directly meaning they do not have to go with a third-party PPA provider, our team can assist you with fully funding the project, installation and after-maintenance to keep it running smoothly. 

Many of our clients have benefited from using us as you get more effective and streamlined service as you are going through one company instead of a third party. A PPA offers businesses the huge benefits that come with having Solar PV without having to take on the responsibilities that do come with being a solar-system owner and operator. It can help open up funds for businesses to reinvest in other aspects of their business as it can be a sizeable investment paying out of your own pocket for solar solutions.

How Does A PPA Work?

If you are eligible to enter into a Power Purchase Agreement with Net Zero Power, we will enter a partnership where will become your trusted new electricity provider on a lease which usually lasts 20-25 years depending on the project. This is an exchange for our team to successfully build a solar PV system on your company’s rooftop or land. All the responsibilities that come with funding for the construction will be dealt with by us and the maintenance required to upkeep your solar system will be done by our team throughout the proposed lease. This means there is no capital expenditure from your side.

When your Solar PV has been installed by our team then the electricity that it will generate your company will be able to use. This will heavily reduce your carbon footprint and boost your environmental company status which is always a bonus! The electricity sold to you will cut your energy bills and many businesses have seen them cut their energy bills up to a huge 40% when using solar solutions.

solar pv power purchase agreement


As energy prices continue to rise at what seems an uncontrollable rate, many more businesses are starting to seek out PPA as they face pressure from these high energy prices that could be damaging to their business growth. This is the perfect opportunity for businesses that are looking to become more environmentally conscious that want to cut their running costs but are hindered by the upfront costs that it requires.

To see if your business is the right fit for a PPA, please get in touch with our friendly support team with your current situation and we can advise you on the next best steps in getting your business well-needed clean renewable energy from Solar PV.


Let’s see if your business is eligible for Solar PV, contact our team who can see if you qualify and start cutting your energy bills in an environmentally friendly way today.