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What Is Capex?

Solar power is one of the most talked about energy sources today, and for good reason. It’s renewable, clean and can help you reach your net-zero targets. But there’s a lot that goes into making solar panels before they’re installed on your rooftops or land. Solar PV is a smart investment for businesses. By installing solar on your rooftops or certain parts of your land, you can reduce your energy costs, save money and help to reduce the greenhouse gases that cause global warming thus protecting our planet in the long run.

The simplest and cheapest solution that you can do is to start getting renewable energy by investing your cash capital. Investing in solar panels with your own money means that you will have full ownership of your solar assets for your business. This is a smart investment for those businesses that want to avoid interest that can pile up from loans and you can start to capitalise on your investment as soon as installed.

There are a few benefits that businesses can reap when they decide to invest straight-up for their PV solar system, one of the main ones is The Annual Investment Allowance, which allows businesses to deduce the full value of an item if it qualifies for the AIA.

How Does Capex Work?

As previously spoken about before, the Solar Capex model is where the individual will pay for the full installation of the solar panel so that the business owns the solar system instead of using loans etc. Not only is paying for your solar system a solid investment for the planet but having solar panels for your business can seriously reduce your energy bills meaning you can start to reinvest that capital into other aspects of your business that can see growth.

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Benefits Of Capex

The Solar Capex model is the most cost-effective way to install solar panels for your business because you pay upfront the whole cost and then enjoy the benefits of your solar system for years to come. As business owners, we understand that owning your assets is one of the most important things you can do and a huge aspect of your business is energy. 

You can start to enjoy significant savings over a period of time that will end up paying for yourself as it will always keep generating energy.

Going down the Solar Capex model, you get a whole range of benefits such as:

If your company has the chance to invest in solar panels then it may be a route that you should be looking to take. It is key that you choose the right company to help you successfully install your solar PV systems. We’ve had years of experience with a proven track record, get in touch with our friendly support team here at Net Zero Power and we can begin to advise you on the next best steps in getting solar systems for your business.


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