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Battery energy storage system


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What Is A Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)?

A Battery Energy Storage System or ‘BESS’ enables businesses to store unused energy on a commercial scale. Electricity grids often use this type of technology, as well as solar power systems, electric cars and smart homes. BESS can be installed either as a stand-alone technology or alongside other green energy technologies such as solar or wind.

BESS technology allows businesses to store energy at a time when they are generating more than they are using. The energy can then be distributed to where it is needed at a later time or date.

There has been a major increase in businesses seeking out renewable energy sources as we start to look to achieve net zero carbon in the United Kingdom and that has drawn attention to BESS. This technology will undoubtedly become one of the most essential technologies an organisation can have.

Battery storage facilities are similar in appearance to shipping containers. The design and siting of battery developments are tailored to minimise the visual impact. Systems can be located adjacent to existing infrastructure (e.g. substations, electricity pylons) to allow them to blend into the surroundings..

If your business is starting to look into assessing its net zero targets, battery energy storage is a perfect solution to start improving your energy efficiency and helping reduce your energy bills in the future.

How Can BESS Help My Business?

Energy bills are continuing to rise. The repercussions on homeowners and businesses are widely reported and the UK is facing a cost-of-living crisis. International events such as the war in Ukraine impact on energy security and fossil-fuel prices across the globe. 

As a country, we need to increase the amount of renewable energy we produce and use. This will ensure a cheap and secure supply of energy to meet current and future demands.

If your business is in a sector where energy demands are high such as manufacturing, healthcare, or retail distribution BESS can be a seriously powerful tool. If your business is looking to grow, BESS can be even more useful. BESS is designed to adapt energy flows to your business as and when you need it. So, if you’re not using it now, save it for the future when you will need it in the long-run.

battery energy storage system

Benefits Of Installing Battery Energy Storage System

There are several massive benefits that come with having a battery energy storage system installed for your business such as:

In 2021 the National Grid costs to manage and mitigate issues caused by constraints caused by mismatches between renewable generation and demand profiles on the grid exceeded £1bn for the first time. These costs will continue to rise as more renewable generation is installed and if insufficient battery capacity is installed with it. BESS projects are key to bringing these costs down which will benefit all energy consumers.


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