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What Is Green Hydrogen?

The UK government has set a target to decarbonise the country by 2050. One way of making progress towards this goal of a greener future is through decarbonising an element such as Hydrogen. This has led to the production of green hydrogen.

The technology of green hydrogen is based on the generation of Hydrogen. It is a universal, light and highly reactive fuel made through a chemical process called electrolysis. The process involves an electrical current separating hydrogen from oxygen in the water. Obtaining electricity from renewable sources such as this reduces the levels of greenhouse gases being emitted. Which of course contributes to the decline of global warming.

Green Hydrogen is a clean energy source that only releases water vapour and leaves no residue in the air. Unlike coal or oil. If more businesses started to use green hydrogen, it would save millions of tonnes of CO2. Net Zero Power can help deliver solutions for businesses including green hydrogen.

How Can Green Hydrogen Help Businesses?

Hydrogen has a long-standing history with various industries. This type of gas has been used to fuel cars and even took a man to the moon. According to IEA, the demand around the world for hydrogen has tripled since the year 1975. It is now key that we start to find ways that we can reach the decarbonisation goal of 2050. This can’t be delayed anymore.

It’s key that businesses now start to look at energy solutions such as green hydrogen that can be more accessible, sustainable and efficient for their business with clean renewable energy that doesn’t harm the environment. Green hydrogen is starting to become more spoken about in the public domain compared to other types of renewable energy sources but it is bound to grow into a key investment for a country-wide energy transition.

Green hydrogen is 100% sustainable because it does not rely on a fossil fuel source. It also does not emit any polluting gases during production or combustion. Hydrogen can also be stored for multi-purpose use. It is know for being highly versatile.

how can green hydrogen help my business

Benefits Of Green Hydrogen

It is now more important than ever that we start looking into producing green hydrogen for businesses and we can help you find solutions for green hydrogen production that can benefit your business moving forward into the future. There will start to be a more sustainable use of green hydrogen in the next 5 to 10 years so it is beneficial to get in early and create sustainable energy sources for your business.

There are many industries that are starting to use green hydrogen with the steel industry being a major example. Thanks to green hydrogen, there is now a better possibility of changing industries’ processes to make them less damaging to the environment.


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