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What IS WIND power?

Wind power has now found itself as the primary source of renewable energy in the United Kingdom and contributes to 20% of the country’s energy. Installing wind turbines can cut your energy costs and reduce your carbon emissions. There are many UK businesses that benefit from using wind power. You can find there is a range of wind turbines that come in different sizes that suit your energy needs.

Wind turbines are able to turn the kinetic energy in the wind into electricity or mechanical power. The blades on the turbine rotate when there is wind. This then spins a shaft that is connected to the generator allowing you to have clean and renewable energy. 

Types Of Wind Turbines

There are two different types of wind turbines that you can install for your business. The two types are free-standing wind turbines (also known as pole-mounted) and building-mounted wind turbines. The free-standing wind turbines are usually much larger than your building-mounted and are more suitable for those in rural locations.

Building in urban areas is more suited to having building-mounted wind turbines as they are much smaller in size. The cost of the two will range depending on the size and model. It is better to speak to an expert team such as Net Zero Power who can assist you with the installation of wind turbines for your business.

How Can Wind Turbines Help My Business?

Wind energy is known as a ‘native energy’ due to the fact that is practically everywhere in the world and especially in the United Kingdom. As we move forward into a move greener world, it is important that your business starts to look more into using renewable energy sources such as wind power. Wind power does not contaminate and it is inexhaustible. Most importantly, it reduces the use of fossil fuels which are the origin of greenhouse gases that cause global warming.

Wind turbines have a long lifespan lasting up to 25 years and maintenance can be done every couple of years to make sure that it is running smoothly with no problems. As a business, we always look to save money so we can re-invest in other areas. By installing wind turbines for your business, you can have much lower energy costs and over a period of time the wind turbines will pay for themselves through the savings you make.

wind power for businesses - picture of a wind turbine

Benefits Of Wind Power

Wind power technology is constantly evolving and now is the perfect time for your business to start reaping the wonderful benefits that come with using wind energy. 

These are just some of the many benefits that your business can get when installing wind turbines:

It’s important as a business that you are always looking to contribute to sustainable development for both your company and the planet. Start producing wind energy today through powerful wind installation with Net Zero Power.


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